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Our History

Translation Crew

Mirara is a small desert island in Croatia. You will probably have a hard time locating it on the map because it is so small, and yet it is a very important island. Great ideas were born there when Davor and Marija stayed on this island, without electricity or running water, for ten days in 2005.

The company was initially founded as a web development and translation agency. The idea was to make it possible for all potential customers, primarily local small and midsize businesses, to go global. With the acquisition of the first customer from the U.K. (a loyal customer still today), only two weeks after its founding, it became obvious that Mirara was meant for the global waters. Discovering countless inaccurate, unclear and sloppy Croatian translations coming from unaware foreign clients, Mirara established its mission of becoming an industry leader in high quality translation. This meant setting a quality control standard for all translations – especially those highly visible – and building a supplier database in accordance with EN 15038, the European translation standard. With deep passion for languages and the written word in its roots, Mirara has always had an innate talent for finding the right linguists for the ever growing database of satisfied clients.

With a solid customer base, a database of over 300 linguists, and a growing number of different translation projects, Mirara moved to a bigger office in 2009, which allowed the growth of its project management team. However, its physical location has never been of principal importance because Mirara went beyond physical borders and physical products. Mirara's products are translated words, i.e. meanings translated by talented human linguists, helping customers sell their products anywhere in the world.

While growing at a steady rate, Mirara continuously aims to say it right in any language focusing on high-quality translation at competitive rates.

Contact us for a free quote. We would be delighted to help you with any translation project you might have. We will analyze your documents and propose the best translation solution to meet your needs. And we will keep your time and resources in mind, no matter the world, no matter the star.

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