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Translation Services

Translation Crew

We have more than a decade of experience in providing professional, high-quality translation services for a wide range of clients on all populated continents on planet Earth.

Our Humans

We apply a 3-tiered approach to recruiting and maintaining the best possible linguists. This includes initial verification, screening for linguistic abilities and technical knowledge, and constant evaluation. We work with native speakers from over 50 different countries.


We use leading language/translation products and solutions to ensure quality and increase productivity. Our everyday technology includes tools for computer-assisted translation (CAT tools), terminology management tools, quality management tools, desktop publishing tools, all modern day business communication tools, malware protection tools, and backup software. We have our own cloud-based translation management system that enables collaboration from any location.

Competitive Rates

We work very hard to offer competitive and affordable rates without ever compromising the international quality standards. We deploy leading translation memory software when appropriate to ensure that the project remains cost-effective to you.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to our global network of linguists and our effective translation management system, our team can oversee large-volume projects that require a number of professional translators, proofreaders and editors to deliver on time. If you have an urgent project, we will push to deliver within your deadline. With a flexible schedule, professional back-up systems and internal tool for capacity planning, your timely delivery is guaranteed, regardless of your time zone.

Mirara Translations has been providing a broad array of professional translation services to satisfied clients from a wide range of industries. Some of the names we have translated for:

For a more extensive list or for client references, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Contact us for a free quote. We would be delighted to help you with any translation project you might have. We will analyze your documents and propose the best translation solution to meet your needs. And we will keep your time and resources in mind, no matter the world, no matter the star.

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