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Missing Piece

In a galaxy far, far away, machines are replacing humans to produce translations. We have not reached this galaxy yet. Our military is 100% human because languages were invented by humans and humans are by far better translators than machines.

Translation is a highly involved process that only humans can do properly. Human language is not a set of mathematical equations that could be programmed into a machine, but a system of communication that relies on symbols to convey meaning. When these symbols are expressions that rely on context or words with several connotations, machines become useless. Thus, a machine may make a person transparent when trying to translate the phrase "I wanted to make myself clear". Today we witness countless examples of translations gone bad because of improper use of machine translation.

While it is still impossible for machines to replace human translators, translation is not a straightforward process that any human can do. At Mirara Translations, we follow the requirements of the European translation standard EN 15038 in the selection of people with the requisite skills and qualifications for translation projects:

1. The linguist must be a native speaker of the target language.
2. The linguist must have at least one language and/or translation higher education qualification or other higher education qualification plus two years’ experience in the translation industry or five years’ experience in the translation industry without higher education qualification.
3. The linguist must have broadband access to the Internet and be connected and available within working hours.
4. The linguist must have a licensed copy of and regularly work with at least one CAT tool.

Click here for the full text of the European standard EN 15038 in English and Croatian establishing and defining the requirements for the provision of quality services by translation service providers.

Contact us for a free quote. We would be delighted to help you with any translation project you might have. We will analyze your documents and propose the best translation solution to meet your needs. And we will keep your time and resources in mind, no matter the world, no matter the star.

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