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Technology and Procedures

Translation Crew

Our weapon of choice is CAT. Computer-assisted translation does not include droids translating your text word-for-word; instead it refers to cute little programs human translators install and use in order to be more productive and more consistent.

When it comes to technology used at Mirara Translations, translation technology refers to a number of components used to facilitate the translation process for translators, reviewers and project managers. We are a group of tech-savvy linguists who use the most of translation, project management, storage, security, and communication software.

We use a range of translation tools, including computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and quality assurance tools. Tools such as translation memories, terminology managers, spell checkers, grammar checkers, formatting preserving tools are used by human linguists to ensure quality, consistency, accuracy, terminology adherence, and much more. They also enable faster translation at a lower price because of reusability of already translated content. We provide translations using all market-leading CAT tools, with Kilgray’s memoQ as our tool of choice.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we developed an internal project management system that allows us:


  • Timely delivery of any translation project, big or small, thanks to our global network of linguists and cloud-based technology systems;

  • Confidential treatment of sensitive, proprietary information with strict adherence to confidentiality and impartiality clauses by all involved parties with secure transmission of data;

  • Guaranteed delivery of any translation project thanks to our project monitoring practices and professional back-up systems;

  • Top-quality translation service thanks to our global network of carefully selected linguists and dedicated quality control tools;

  • Effective, smooth and timely communication with all involved parties by any means, old or modern, at any time, day or night.


To ensure the best quality, industry-specific content is translated by expert translators familiar with industry-specific terminology. Our industry translation expertise covers specialized services in various areas, including:


  • Consumer Goods and Services

  • Industrial Goods and Services

  • Professional Services

  • Training and eLearning

  • Finance

  • Life Sciences

  • Technology

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Travel and Hospitality

  • Games and Entertainment

For creative translation, we follow special procedures to adapt creative content into powerful and catchy copies for local markets. We know the questions that need to be asked and answers that need to be given for the message to be conveyed in another language, focusing on the story and local culture along with the language and grammar.

Contact us for a free quote. We would be delighted to help you with any translation project you might have. We will analyze your documents and propose the best translation solution to meet your needs. And we will keep your time and resources in mind, no matter the world, no matter the star.

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