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Professional Albanian Translation

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Mirara Translations is the best in providing professional Albanian translation services. Over the years floating in the space of translation, we have gathered some of the most highly-qualified native Albanian translators on board.

Recruitment requirements for our Albanian translators

1. The linguist must be a native speaker of Albanian language.

2. The linguist must have at least one language and/or translation higher education qualification or other higher education qualification plus two years’ experience in the translation industry or five years’ experience in the translation industry without higher education qualification.

3. The linguist must have broadband access to the Internet and be connected and available within working hours.

4. The linguist must have a licensed copy of and regularly work with at least one CAT tool.

Contact us now to have your source text translated into Albanian. Provided you are in our galaxy, we will get in touch within the next hour. If you are in a galaxy far, far away, it may take longer for our response to reach you, but you can rest assured that it will be prompt, intelligible, and with no hidden agenda.

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